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Artisserie Bakery


20036 - Carrot

carrot cake made with carrots, raisins, walnut and coconut topped with cream cheese buttercream

20008 - Chocolate/Chocolate

moist chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream

20015 - Mini Cupcake

bite-size vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, or carrot

20016 - Vanilla/Vanilla

moist vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream

20097 - Marble

chocolate and vanilla cake with swirl of chocolate and vanilla buttercream

20570 - Peanut Butter/Chocolate

chocolate cake with natural peanut butter buttercream(no artificial flavor or colors)

20064 - Red Velvet

moist red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream

20127 - Strawberry/Vanilla

vanilla cake with all natural strawberry buttercream (no artificial flavor or colors)